Letter from August 24, 2005

August 24, 2005

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We feel so much emotion, joy and gratitude for this important victory in
Atlanta! We have so much love in our hearts for each one of you! We are so
proud to be able to continue defending the peace of our peoples and the
wellbeing of humanity, and for that better world that we all dream of!

This has been a victory of solidarity, of truth and justice, a victory of
love and brother/sisterhood of our peoples, it is everyone's victory.

But this is not yet the final victory. Now a more arduous and decisive
battle is approaching, and this is the precise moment to unite all our
efforts and energies to win freedom. We are proud to count on each one of

We Five are ready and prepared for any future battle, with the absolute
firmness, conviction and confidence in a victory, and now, with more
strength and enthusiasm to make truth shine.

After August 9, 2005, we have received many cards and messages from all
parts of the world. We want to reach out to each and every one of you, and
respond as you all deserve, but it is a labor, that for being so beautiful
and huge, never ends.

Therefore, we want this message to reach all of you: Thank you from our
hearts, all our love is with you. The battle continues! Victory and Freedom
are certain!

Today and always, consider us as family, and a loyal and implacable brother
in every good cause for humanity.

With all my love,

Ramon Labanino Salazar
24 August 2005
U.S.P. Beaumont, Texas, USA
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