Letter from Ramon to the friends of "Rock around the Blockade"m 2002

Beaumont, Texas, September 2nd/2002.

Dear Comrades:

I am deeply touched with all the beautiful job you are doing in defending our Cause.

On behalf of my four brothers and myself, please receive our deepest gratitude and the assurance of our eternal loyalty by your side, in defending all the just causes of the World. In us, you can find a comrade willing to fight any battle against injustice, imperialism, and exploitation.

Thank you for spreading out the information about our case all over the word, and the successful pickets you are holding in favour of our freedom. I appreciate a lot the photos you sent me, because now solidarity have its faces and I'm collecting them in an album.

Your solidarity and support is an honour and privilege that we will defend with our own lives.


Ramón Labañino Salazar.

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